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Becoming Acadia film premiere

Date: Friday Sep 30, 2016
Time: 8:00 p.m. -


Becoming Acadia: The Story of Acadia National Park
Narrated by Jack Perkins
Produced by Dobbs Productions in association with the Jefferson Davis Grant Foundation

More than 100 years ago, artists discovered a place called Mount Desert Island, and the images they captured changed the very landscapes they immortalized. After more than a century, these remarkable places still exist and are still accessible to everyone. But if it had not been for a convergence of cultural forces and the collaboration of forward-thinking men and women, it might not be possible for any of us to visit these as public places. Because what we know today as Acadia National Park simply would not exist. It would surely still be as overwhelmingly beautiful but it would not be ours to share. It would just be someone else’s private backyard.

The history of how Acadia National Park came to be is—as they say in Maine—a wicked good story. And Becoming Acadia is the story we want to tell.

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Location: Criterion Theatre at 36 Cottage Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

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Event Sponsor(s): Dobbs Productions The 1932 Criterion Theatre 

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