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Join the Acadia Centennial Partners

Please Note: It is January of 2017, and the Acadia Centennial has come to a magnificent close. We are leaving these pages up as a reference; however, we are no longer accepting new ACP applications. Thanks!

Help celebrate Acadia’s Centennial in 2016!

Acadia National Park, Friends of Acadia, and community partners are planning a year-long, Maine-wide celebration highlighting the previous hundred years of world-class conservation at the park and inspiring and launching the next hundred years of stewardship of Acadia. We are broadly seeking partners who are interested in becoming a part of the celebration by planning events, designing and selling products, or making a donation tied to the Centennial. Each partner will know best how they can celebrate their relationship to Acadia.

One thing that makes Acadia unique among national parks is its closely interwoven border—and relationship—with the coastal Maine communities that surround it. Acadia’s centennial celebration will be a grassroots and broad-based series of events that models a strong relationship between a national park and its surrounding communities. We encourage Acadia Centennial Partners to propose activities in the local communities rather than in the park to help the public understand and celebrate this unique relationship with the park.

Who are the Acadia Centennial Partners?

More than 300 Acadia-area and statewide organizations, businesses, and others have already signed on to help celebrate Acadia’s 100th birthday; and many more are in the process of joining in. View the current list of Acadia Centennial Partners »

The benefits of becoming an Acadia Centennial Partner:

  1. Use of the Acadia Centennial logo at your organization, business, or event in 2016.
  2. A listing on the Acadia Centennial website with live link to your website.
  3. An event calendar on the Acadia Centennial website, where you will be able to list your events tied to the centennial.
  4. A product listing and link if you are selling a product that has been approved by the Centennial Task Force
  5. Marketing for your initiative! The Acadia Centennial will be highlighted in guidebooks and there will be links to the Acadia Centennial website through Acadia National Park, Friends of Acadia, and other Acadia Centennial Partners. The Centennial website will remain up at least until the end of 2017.
  6. Shared community spirit and friendship with other Acadia Centennial Partners.

What is expected of me as an Acadia Centennial Partner?

  1. Follow-through with the commitment to an event, product sales, or donation that you describe on the Acadia Centennial Partner information form. If your proposed centennial plans change, be sure to update your information on the Acadia Centennial Website so the public knows!
  2. Participate, as available, in the biannual meetings of Acadia Centennial Partners.
    Next ACP meeting date: Monday, May 9, 2016 at Maren Auditorium, MDI Biological Laboratory, Salisbury Cove
  3. Spread the word about the centennial among other individuals, businesses, or groups you think should be involved.

How do I become an Acadia Centennial Partner?

  1.  Read the orientation sheet for prospective Acadia Centennial Partners.
  2. If you wish to produce and/or sell a centennial product, read more and find the application here.
  3. Fill out the Acadia Centennial Partner application form [PDF format] [HTML/web page format] and email or mail it to:

Stephanie Clement
Friends of Acadia
P.O. Box 45
Bar Harbor, ME 04609