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Acadia’s Centennial Logo

In 2014, the Acadia Centennial Task Force, led by Acadia National Park and Friends of Acadia, sponsored a nation-wide contest to create a logo for Acadia’s centennial celebration. The winning logo, designed by Catherine Breer of Freeport, Maine, was selected anonymously by a judging panel of representatives from ANP, FOA, and the Centennial Task Force.

The contest rules called for an image that in some way represents the centennial slogan of “Celebrate our past; Inspire our future” and also includes an iconic image of Acadia. Featuring a historic Bates Cairn and an expansive view from one of Acadia’s mountain-summit hiking trails, along with native blueberries that are so closely associated with Acadia and the Maine coast, the winning logo gives a nod to past, present, and future in a visually eye-catching design.

Winner Catherine Breer wrote of having her design selected: “I have been coming to Acadia since my children were small, always camping at the same campground on Somes Sound. We have hiked the Bubbles, eaten popovers at the Jordan House, listened to the waves crash at Thunder Hole, swum at Echo Lake, and taken in the view from the top of Cadillac Mountain. The natural beauty and diversity of Acadia never ceases to amaze me, and has always been an inspiration to me as an artist. To be part of the preservation of this magical place is both an honor and a privilege.”

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Using the Centennial Logo

The Acadia Centennial Task Force claims ownership of the Acadia centennial logo, and its use is protected by US Trademark Law. By becoming an Acadia Centennial Partner, businesses and other organizations can license the centennial logo for use on approved centennial products. One of the distinctive features of Acadia National Park is its close relationship with its surrounding communities. Creating and marketing an approved centennial product is a great way to be a part of Acadia’s grassroots and community-based centennial celebration, and show your own special relationship with this special place.

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