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About the 2016 NPS Centennial

Celebrating a century
of the green and gray

On August 25, 2016 the US National Park Service will turn 100 years old. On that day, the women and men of the “green and gray” (so called for their iconic uniforms) will have cared for our national park system for a century, protecting this country’s most magnificent natural landscapes and important cultural and historical places.

The National Park Service, together with the National Park Foundation, is planning a nationwide celebration that launches the NPS into a second century of service to country and conservation.

The National Park Service and the National Park Foundation will team up with partners, such as the National Parks Conservation Association and national park friends groups across the country, to produce programs, events, and activities that will increase awareness, deepen engagement, and increase support for America’s national parks, the work of the National Park Service, and its partners. The campaign will highlight the historic preservation and outdoor recreation work the National Park Service does with communities across the country, the diversity of national park sites, and the value they bring to Americans every day.

“Find Your Park” in Maine! Did you know that there are four National Park Service sites in Maine, in addition to Acadia National Park? Visit all five for a memorable and varied trip in celebration of the 2016 centennial. “Find Your Park” in Maine »

It is a happy coincidence that the hundredth birthday of Acadia National Park comes in the same year as the NPS centennial. The Acadia centennial celebration will honor the special, century-long relationship between this park and the service. Conservation of Acadia brought the mission of the national parks to the east, created a park from a fully settled area for the first time, and showed how private philanthropy could help create a public reservation for all. Generations of the green and gray have lived and worked among us on the coast of Maine for a century, improving our communities, inspiring our children, helping us recover from a tragic fire, welcoming the world to learn from this extraordinary place, and working with us to make the Acadia region a living laboratory for conservation and resilience in our time and for the future. The long, intimate, and creative relationship between the NPS and ANP will be celebrated throughout 2016 through the diverse programs of many Acadia Centennial Partners.

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