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Islesford Dock Restaurant

Islesford Dock; painting by Edith Wright
General Description

Located on Little Cranberry Island, our restaurant view is of the fishing harbor and across the water to the mountains of Acadia National Park. From the beginning, in 1993, we have featured the finest ingredients and prepared them simply and thoughtfully.

We have learned a lot, although we’ve never completely figured out “low tide” deliveries.

We continue to enjoy welcoming friends, new and old, to what is essentially our summer home on the dock and sharing Islesford, this special Maine island. Along with our staff, we have the chance to be part of happy occasions, from weddings to quiet dinners for two to not-so-quiet family get-togethers.

Our kitchen staff, headed by Kirby Sholl, truly believes in fresh and simple when it comes to creating dishes. Perhaps it is the “team” part that is the key element, but we think they should be deservedly proud of what they produce.

Thank you to Edith Wright for the painting of Islesford Dock.

Centennial Plans

The Islesford Dock Restaurant is proud to be a financial supporter of the Acadia Centennial celebration.


Little Cranberry Island
Islesford, Maine 04646