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Dysart’s Great Harbor Marina

Dysart's Great Harbor Marina
General Description

Dysart’s Great Harbor Marina, a full-service marina, family-owned in the sheltered water of Southwest Harbor, within minutes walk of a vibrant village, and located in the heart of Acadia National Park, is a perfect base to step off your boat and hop on the Island Explorer bus to access all the park has to offer.

Floating dockage and friendly line handlers. Numerous restaurant choices, marine services and provisions delivered to your boat. Competitive marine diesel prices.

We are proud to have been supporting and promoting Acadia National Park since the first boat visited the marina in 1992.

Centennial Plans

Dysart’s Great Harbor Marina will have a fixed display exhibit to inform and encourage all our guests to participate in the celebration events, leading to an appreciation of the history and future involvement in Acadia National Park, as it begins its next century of conservation. We will use our online presence to highlight the Acadia National Park and guide our visitors to the Centennial website.


11 Apple Lane
P.O. Box 1503
Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679