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Bob Thayer Photography

General Description

I was born and raised in Maine and since childhood have had a special relationship with Acadia National Park. In 1982 I became a seasonal naturalist for the national park service and at the same time found a focus for my photography: telling nature’s stories. I’ve written and photographed four books on Acadia (The Park Loop Road, Beyond the Park Loop Road, Acadia’s Carriage Roads and Acadia National Park—a photo portfolio) and my photographs have appeared in numerous commercial and park publications. During the summer I lead a weekly photo walk and present evening programs at Blackwoods and Seawall campgrounds as part of my duties as a park naturalist.

As a year-round resident I am privileged to witness both the dramatic and subtle aspects of Acadia and Mount Desert Island. Photographing the park leads me to explore seldom seen places and capture the varying light and changing seasons that make this coastal island a photographer’s paradise.

Centennial Plans

In honor of the Centennial, I have produced a calendar (Acadia National Park, 100 Years of Preservation) with images of the park. My hope is that each month will reveal or remind the viewer of some aspect of Acadia’s qualities, and to inspire them to support the preservation of Acadia and other areas of natural and cultural significance.

It is my pleasure to donate a percentage of the proceeds from this calendar to projects in Acadia National Park.



“An Acadian Winter” with Bob Thayer

Thursday December 08, 2016