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The Spirit of Acadia: Celebrating our Spiritual Connection with Place and Park

Date: Wednesday Jul 27, 2016
Time: 5:00 p.m. -


For generations, Acadia National Park has offered opportunities for spiritual renewal. As part of the Centennial observance, come join in a celebration of this spiritual connection. We will gather for an interfaith service of word, song, and movement.

Kevin Schneider, Superintendent of Acadia National Park said, “The inspirational quality of Acadia makes it a deeply spiritual place for many.  We appreciate the MDI Clergy Association supporting our Centennial celebration and helping emphasize the importance of the park in our communities.”

“The spirit and mind of humankind will surely find in it in the years and centuries to come an inspiration and a means of growth as essential to them ever and anon as are fresh air and sunshine to the body,” George Dorr said of Acadia National Park

Sponsored by the MDI Clergy Association and Permitted by ANP.

Location: Fabbri Memorial, Otter Cove
Acadia National Park
Contact Name: Rev. Scott Planting, President Maine Seacoast Mission
Contact Phone #: (207) 288-5097
Event Sponsor(s): Maine Seacoast Mission 

This is a free event.

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