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The Geologic History of MDI, offered by Duane Braun

Date: Wednesday Jan 13, 2016 - Wednesday Feb 17, 2016
Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


An Acadia Senior College Winter Term course

Geologists have been visiting MDI since 1836 to view the exceptional exposure of a variety of rock types and explain their origin. MDI has been used as a testing ground for some of the fundamental geologic concepts, such as the origin of granite and the depression of the crust by the weight of the continental glacier. This course will examine the work on MDI of geologists in the context of the state of geologic knowledge in the era they were working. The emphasis will be on how geologic thinking changed over time with the increase in geologic knowledge since 1836.

Location: St. John Episcopal Church Undercroft, 315 Main Street, Southwest Harbor
Contact Name: Jude Lamb
Contact Phone #: (207) 288-9500
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Event Sponsor(s): Acadia Senior College 

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