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“Life in Jordan Pond” – with Tony Sohns

Date: Saturday Sep 24, 2016
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Natural history educator, Tony Sohns, also known as the “Bug Man”, will lead you on an interactive exploration of the secret underwater world in Jordan Pond! Discover the beauty, motion, and amazing adaptations of life in this famous pond!

“Pond, Jordan Pond. Come spy into a secret underwater world filled with a SPECTRE of dangers and assassins. Each agent will be briefed and given their own personal pond FOR YOUR EYES ONLY to explore. These creatures use explosives, jet packs, poisons and even metal teeth. Some of them will scare THE LIVING DAYLIGHT out of you! We will Q agents into the amazing adaptations aquatic creatures use so they can LIVE TO DIE ANOTHER DAY. Water penny, Goldeneyes and an octopuses cousin are a few of the beautiful pond girls agents will meet on their mission. These creatures living in Acadia national park are all protected by law and will be alive and returned back to their homes at the end of the program. The Library doesn’t have A LICENSE TO KILL.” – Tony Sohns

Location: Ellsworth Public Library
20 State ST
Ellsworth ME
Contact Name: Sandy Abbott
Contact Phone #: (207) 667-6363
Event web page:
Event Sponsor(s): Ellsworth Public Library 

This is a free event.

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