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Coyote ~ America’s Songdog Sings in Acadia National Park

Date: Saturday Apr 09, 2016 - Saturday Apr 09, 2016
Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Come join us on a journey through history to discover who Coyotes, America’s Wild Dogs, really are. Find out about Coyotes’ ancient connections to the past, their relationships of respect shared with our Natives Peoples, and what happened when the Europeans arrived. And discover what all that howling and yipping is all about as you hear them in the evening, expressing in their wild voices their complex and close social bonds with each other. The howls of the wolves were silenced in Acadia National Park for over 150 years…..and then our Eastern Coyotes came to fill that emptiness. Now there is Song in our National Park once more. Presented by Geri Vistein, Conservation Biologist

Location: Ellsworth Public Library
20 State ST
Ellsworth ME
Contact Name: Sandy Abbott
Contact Phone #: (207) 667-6363
Event web page:
Event Sponsor(s): Ellsworth Public Library 

This is a free event.

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