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Acadia 100 Challenge

Kids on Cadillac
Date: Tuesday Dec 01, 2015 - Saturday Dec 31, 2016


For Teachers and Students everywhere!

Acadia invites teachers to create their own fun ideas for an Acadia 100 Challenge! Help your students create a class project or individual project to celebrate 100 years of Acadia: write a 100-word Acadia poem or 100 poems, take 100 photos of Acadia, walk 100 miles in Acadia, write 100 short stories about a field trip to or family visit to Acadia, read 100 books about Acadia, draw 100 pictures of Acadia, Create 100 posters of ways to protect Acadia, film 100 interviews with kids showcasing what they love about Acadia…

When your project is complete, we will share your final project and your class photo (if you want) on the Centennial website, to showcase the writing, art, ideas, and accomplishments of your students and inspire others to participate. Each Acadia 100 Challenge participant (ages 6 – 14) will earn a free Acadia Centennial item and become eligible to earn a free field trip to Acadia for their entire class (from anywhere in Maine).

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Location: Your classroom, anywhere! Your challenge can include visit(s) to Acadia, but does not need to.
Contact Name: If you have questions or would like to talk through your idea, feel free to contact Paige Steele ( or 207-288-3340), Cookie Horner ( or 207-288-3543), or Lynne Dominy (
Contact Phone #:
Event web page:
Event Sponsor(s): Acadia National Park 

This is a free event.

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