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Solace—Allegash Lake Reloaded

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If your grandfather could give you anything—what would it be? 23 year old Jim Clark is about to find out.
During his year of college a young man is forced to leave the University and his friend Susan behind. Jim returns to the family farm to only face one hardship after another—broke and with debt mounting—Jim’s world falls apart. Then one day while cleaning out the attic of his now empty colonial home—Jim discovers a letter from a grandfather he’s never met. The correspondence instructs him to go to Allagash Lake and retrieve a forgotten family heirloom “for the sake of the family.”
Follow along as Jim treks deep into the Maine wilderness to recover a grandfather’s keepsake and stumbles onto a mystical path to the past. This book is an adult book and is Vol. 6 in the Allagash Tails collection.

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