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Path through the Rhodora – May

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Here on the Schoodic Peninsula, in the fall of 2015, we were given a wonderful gift: Schoodic Woods. The new trails and carriage roads they created allowed us to move deeper into this quietly beautiful peninsula. As I explored these trails throughout the fall, I was struck by how much the change of season altered what I saw. As a way to celebrate the Acadia Centennial, I pledged to paint one painting a month from the new trails of Schoodic Woods, following the seasons.

This is the painting for May. New growth is just beginning in the Park and the pink of the Rhodora is everywhere along the Bucks Harbor Trail.

I am making photo notecards from the original paintings as well. All my work can be seen at Artisans and Antiques, 357 Main St, Winter Harbor, Maine

5% of sales of these items will be donated to Friends of Acadia to support programs and education.

Offered to you by this Acadia Centennial Partner(s): I Went to The Woods…