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Headin’ North

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This book is the sequel to the popular “Allagash Haunting” trilogy.” Red Sky at night, sailors delight. Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning.
Remembering her grandfather’s dire weather prediction, a girl stares at the morning’s inflamed sky. Traveling by canoe deep in the Maine woods is not where Olivia should be-but that is exactly where she is.
Suddenly-lightening strikes the near-by shore, exposing the floating apparition of a log cabin hovering over a vacant lot. Inside the building a young ranger is looking out. The man and girl exchange unintended smiles. During the day Olivia records her adventure and each night she listen’s spell bound as her mom ready incredible tales from her grandfather’s hand written ranger journal. This book is Vol. 5 in the “Allagash Tails” collection

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