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ACP Internet Tools & Registration

Approved Acadia Centennial Partners: Use the below form to upload your organization’s information for display on the Acadia Centennial Website.

This form will ask you to register with your name, email address, and a password. Multiple representatives from an organization may each have a unique registration. Please save your password.

After you have registered, you may log in then go to the dashboard to 1) change or update your organization’s information, 2) enter an approved centennial event, or 2) enter an approved centennial product/service.


Note: Please do not use this form until your ACP application has been approved by the Acadia Centennial Task Force. Click here to learn how to become an Acadia Centennial Partner, or contact Stephanie Clement at or 207-288-3340 to check on the status of your application.

ACP Registration Form

A few tips:

  • We recommend surveying a few other ACPs’ listings, to get a sense of how information will appear on this site, before uploading your own.
  • “Partner Organization General Description” may include your mission statement, and any other information you wish to share with the public about your organization. It should not include your organization’s website, as that appears elsewhere in your listing.
  • “Partner Organization Centennial Plans” should be a version of the plans approved by the Centennial Task Force, but in a public-friendly format. You might also comment on your organization’s history/relationship with Acadia or what it means to you to be a part of the celebration. Those making a monetary contribution to the celebration can use the phrase “[ACP name] is proud to be a financial supporter of the Acadia Centennial celebration.”
  • “Partner Organization Short Text” is limited to 100 characters, and will accompany your organization’s logo/image when it appears as the “featured partner” on the home page of this website, and in the list of all ACPs here.
  • You own name and email address will not appear in your organization’s online listing.