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Orientation Sheet for Prospective Acadia Centennial Partners

A Great Opportunity: 2016 is the Centennial Year of Acadia National Park. We Can:

  • Celebrate 100+ years of world-class conservation
  • Inspire and launch a next 100 years of stewardship of Acadia
  • Model the relationship between a national park and its surrounding communities
  • Show our distinctive contributions to our 21st century world with pride of place
  • Benefit Acadia, the people of our communities, and our own organizations
  • Tell our kids and grandkids, “We served on our watch”
  • Welcome the national and world press who will find us and come to love our story

Partner Initiatives: the Soul of the Centennial

  • The essence of our centennial celebration will come from the initiative of each partner
  • Each partner will know best how they can celebrate their relationship with ANP. We encourage Acadia Centennial Partners to propose activities in the local communities rather than in the park to help the public understand and celebrate this unique relationship with the park.
  • Each partner will do best and do most if their contribution is their happy natural act
  • We trust that a table of willing partners will generate the necessary cooperation
  • We believe teams of partners can generate and orchestrate a year-long celebration
  • We believe teams of partners can assure the quality and integrity of our celebration through use of a Logo that is the Signature Brand of the Acadia Centennial
  • We hope that Friends of Acadia, working through our Centennial Task Force and with the full ongoing support of Acadia National Park, will be welcomed as a catalytic coordinator that helps the team of centennial partners bloom

Roles of the Centennial Task Force:

  • Initiate discussions with and invitations to prospective Centennial partners
  • Facilitate necessary and desired cooperation among Centennial partners
  • Cross-fertilize, pollinate, and support partner collaboration where it makes sense
  • Develop, and help partners manage, the Acadia Centennial brand and Signature Logo
  • Orchestrate relations with the media regarding the centennial
  • Serve as the accepted means through which we organize Centennial celebrations that involve the Maine Congressional delegation and our state leaders
  • Maintain and communicate the broad year-long calendar of Acadia Centennial events

Vision 2017:

  • ANP enjoys strong ongoing stewardship support from our surrounding communities
  • The people and specially the youth of our surrounding communities feel a life-long bond with their national park
  • The bond between Acadia and her surrounding communities is respected across America and the world as a signature of the power of place in the 21st century