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Acadia Centennial Partners Application Form

Acadia Centennial Partners Application Form
Please complete and email to or mail to Stephanie Clement, Friends of Acadia, PO Box 45, Bar Harbor Maine, 04609. Feel free to copy and paste the below text into the body of your email; or print, scan, and attach. This form can also be downloaded in PDF format, here  »


Organization Information

Name of Organization, Business, or Individual
Contact Person
Mailing address
ZIP code
Contact phone number
Person who contacted me about becoming an ACP (if anyone)


Tell us what you’d like to do to join the Acadia Centennial Celebration…

☐ I’d like to plan a program, event, work of art or exhibit that highlights my relationship to Acadia National Park and is consistent with the spirit of the Centennial tagline: Acadia National Park Centennial: Celebrate our Past — Inspire our Future! Please describe in 150-250 words below. Attach an extra sheet if needed. We encourage you as much as possible to plan your events and activities outside Acadia National Park to celebrate the unique relationship between Maine communities and the park. Your events can give visitors new ways to experience the uniqueness of Acadia in area businesses, galleries, libraries, and more. If you do decide to hold an event inside or crossing into Acadia National Park, you must obtain a special use or commercial use permit (application fee required) and comply with all National Park Service regulations. This can add complexity and create delays for moving forward with your plans. See for information about permits.



☐ I’d like to donate $_____ (minimum $250) to support the Acadia National Park Centennial. Please write “Acadia National Park Centennial” in the memo line of your check and send to Friends of Acadia, P.O. Box 45, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 or call the office at 207-288-3340 with credit card information.


☐ I’d like to make an in-kind donation valued at $250 or more to the Acadia National Park Centennial. Please describe below.


☐ I’d like to develop and sell a product (e.g., tea towel, backpack, special ice cream flavor, etc.) that is tied to the Acadia National Park Centennial. Please submit the logo licensing application. Products must conform to the logo usage guidelines.


☐ I’d like to sell a product that has already been approved by the Centennial Task Force. See this page for ordering information.


Approval Process:

The Acadia Centennial Task Force will consider your request to partner quickly and get back in touch with the contact listed on this form. Once approved, you will receive an invitation to participate in partner meetings, which are held twice a year. You will also be permitted to use the Acadia Centennial logo on your website and letterhead and at your business/organization location.

The Acadia Centennial Task Force will provide all partners with materials they can display at their location indicating that they are Acadia Centennial Partners. These materials include pins for employees, window clings, product tags (for approved centennial products), product stickers (for approved centennial products), and a 5”x7” display card. Partners are free to request one or more of these items, which are intended to promote recognition and marketing continuity for the centennial. Partners may also propose another means of recognizing their relationship to the centennial, subject to approval by the Acadia Centennial Task Force.

Please indicate which materials you would like to display at your business or organization to show that you are an Acadia Centennial Partner:

⧠ Pins for your employees. Let us know how many _____

⧠ Window Cling (a 5” round decal for your window that attaches by static electricity rather than adhesive)

⧠ Product Tag (a tag that can be tied to your approved centennial product). How many____

⧠ Product Sticker (a sticker that can be placed on your approved centennial product). How many____

⧠ 5”x7” display card (that can be printed and placed in a picture frame)

⧠ Other (to be provided by the applicant, subject to the approval of the Acadia Centennial Task Force). Please describe: