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Help Inspire the Future with the Acadia Bicentennial Time Capsule!

If you love Acadia from anywhere on Earth, you can help conclude the yearlong celebration of the Acadia Centennial with a suggestion about what to include in the Acadia Bicentennial Time Capsule. Ideas from Acadia Centennial Partners are especially welcome.

Throughout 2016, through the creative energy of 450 Partners, we have Celebrated the Past of Acadia’s first 100 years with art works, exhibits, concerts, original compositions, books, films, speeches, products, citizen science, cruises in the bays and sound, hikes, bikes, visits by thousands of 4th graders, poems, proclamations, commemorations, lectures, a Pecha Kucha show, some high ceremonies, and a baked bean supper!

Now we can Inspire the Future! We will send a Time Capsule forward across a century to those who will celebrate the Bicentennial of Acadia in 2116. We need your best ideas about what to include in the capsule. We want our colleagues in 2116 to know:

  • Why and how we celebrated the Acadia Centennial in 2016
  • Who we are, what we think, how we feel, and what we do in our times
  • How we envision them and the park they will love in 2116

Space in the capsule is limited—our stainless steel capsule is a 22” cube. The capsule environment must remain stable for a century. So we need your help. All enclosures in the capsule must be:

  • Texts or images on acid-free 8.5 x 11” paper (or smaller); or
  • Items represented in digital form—pictures, texts, videos, recordings, etc.

Fortunately, we already have many great enclosures in hand:

  • The entire Acadia Centennial Website
  • Complete centennial coverage by the Mount Desert Islander
  • Video and audio of scores of centennial events

But we want and need your great proposals! Please submit your suggestions via email to:

We can’t respond to every suggestion (just not enough hands!) but we will do our very best to let you know if your candidate is included.

Proposed enclosures are more likely to be chosen if proposers provide us, up front, with:

  • 100 words or less on what you propose and why it should be in the capsule; and
  • A 100-word orientation on the enclosure for our friends in 2116

Proponents of enclosures selected by our Time Capsule Working Group will be expected to provide the item in digital form or on 8.5×11” acid-free paper.

Where will our Acadia Bicentennial Time Capsule live for the next 100 years? Thanks to our great Acadia Centennial Partner and Signature Sponsor Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, our polished stainless steel capsule with be gracefully nested in a glass-and-cherrywood case proudly displayed in the sitting area of the beautiful sunny lobby of the BHBT Bar Harbor branch. During the coming century, five generations of Acadia lovers will view the Time Capsule, read the framed orientation that will hang above it, remember our great 2016 celebration, and, as time passes, look forward to opening our gift to them at the dawn of 2116. Please help us inspire this future!