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How to produce/sell a centennial product

Please Note: It is January of 2017, and the Acadia Centennial has come to a magnificent close. We are leaving these pages up as a reference; however, we are no longer accepting new Acadia Centennial Product applications. Thanks!

There are two options for retailing official Acadia Centennial products:

1) Develop and sell product(s) that connect residents and visitors to the centennial celebration by highlighting Acadia National Park, connecting to the Acadia Centennial tagline, “Celebrate our past — Inspire our future!”, or simply using the Acadia Centennial logo in a tasteful manner in keeping with the dignity of the centennial. Learn more »

2) Sell a seed-funded centennial product. The Acadia Centennial Task Force is working with two wholesale suppliers to produce a selection of apparel and items (magnets, mugs, patches, etc.) featuring the Acadia Centennial logo. We’ve paid the setup costs, so ordering is easy.  Learn more »

In exchange for using the logo and ACP designation, applicants agree to donate a minimum of 5% of the proceeds (gross) to Friends of Acadia to support park programs and projects. Questions may be directed to Stephanie Clement at Friends of Acadia at 207-288-3340 or

The Centennial Task Force will consider all applications quickly, and will notify applicants if their proposal has been accepted or whether any changes are requested. The Acadia Centennial Task Force claims ownership of the Acadia centennial logo and tagline, and their use is protected by US Trademark Law. The Acadia Centennial logo and tagline may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent from the Acadia Centennial Task Force. Approval of a product as a centennial sales item does not imply that the product will be sold by Eastern National or Dawnland stores inside Acadia National Park. Both organizations/businesses determine their own sales priorities.

Once a product has been approved by the Acadia Centennial Task Force, the product developer (i.e. business, nonprofit, or individual) will become an Acadia Centennial Partner (ACP). ACPs receive the following benefits:

  1. Use of the Acadia Centennial logo at your organization, business or event beginning immediately and throughout 2016.
  2. A listing on the Acadia Centennial website with live link to your website.
  3. A product listing on the Acadia Centennial website and a link to locations where your approved centennial product is being sold. Note that additional product marketing will be the responsibility of each individual Acadia Centennial Partner.
  4. The Acadia Centennial and the Acadia Centennial website will be highlighted in guidebooks and regional and national advertising, and there will be links to the Acadia Centennial website through Acadia National Park, Friends of Acadia, and other Acadia Centennial Partners. The Acadia Centennial website will remain online at least through 2017.
  5. Shared community spirit and friendship with other Acadia Centennial Partners.